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Novannet supplies the Digital Dial Tone for e-business messaging. We offer an innovative Transaction Delivery Network service, 10-10-EDISM10-10-EDI provides frictionless, secure and reliable B2B transport for EDI and XML e-business documents, leveraging the power of the Internet.

Our service is a hybrid of the Value-Added Network and EDIINT software, taking the best concepts of each. We use open ebXML standards to provide the premier solution for B2B Connectivity. Our Plug and Play service is both easy to use and secure, requiring no front-end commitments nor exorbitant monthly charges.

Simplicity and reduced costs are the keys enterprises look for in solving their B2B transport needs. But rather than you having to take on the duties of a VAN yourself, as happens with expensive EDIINT software, 10-10-EDI insulates you from onerous trading partner maintenance. We apply the concepts of utility, or on-demand, computing to Internet e-business messaging. 10-10-EDI is a Pay as you go solution which is far less expensive than a traditional VAN, yet doesn't require a large initial outlay to acquire EDIINT software.

Novannet. A New kind of Network.
But Without the VAN.

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