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The Current Situation

The current methods for B2B transport are often inadequate, insecure, costly, and high-maintenance. Legacy VANs - or Value-Added Networks (PDF: 93k) - are reasonably secure with dial-up connectivity, and are easy to use. But VANs are widely perceived to be extremely expensive, especially in light of the “free” ubiquitous transport provided by the Internet. On the other hand, EDIINT - or EDI Over the Internet - software has large up-front commitments and requires an untold amount of maintenance to keep track of each trading partner relationship.

Where You Want To Be

E-business messaging should be as simple as dumping your EDI into a funnel, and having your interchanges arrive at their intended destinations - based on receiver ID - safely, securely and reliably. You shouldn't have to deal with trading partner maintenance, X.509 digital certificates, certification authorities, and expensive software with onerous annual maintenance fees.

How Novannet Will Get You There

Our charter is to develop a hybrid of the Value-Added Network and EDIINT, taking the best of each, and basing our solution on the open, global ebXML e-business standards developed by UN/CEFACT and OASIS. Our Plug and Play 10-10-EDISM Transaction Delivery Network service is both easy to use and secure, requiring no front-end commitments, nor exorbitant monthly charges. Our solution is ideal for the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise), who has been discouraged thus far from employing automated business data exchange using EDI because of the expense and inconvenience of document transport.

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Forget all the mumbo-jumbo about AS2, ebXML MSH, HTTP, SMTP, TCP/IP and X.509...

Relax. Just think of Novannet as the


of B2B transport - and bypass the expensive VAN!

10-10-EDI is an infrastructure guaranteeing delivery of electronic documents using the public Internet system and the standardized ebXML Messaging protocol. 10-10-EDI guarantees authentication of trading partners on the network using our own novel trust system, CommerceTrustSM, based on an X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) using a Community of Interest (COI) model (PDF: 410k). Our techniques not only ensure the security of the parties by positive trading partner identification, but also guarantee the safety of individual business documents using encryption and digital signing.

10-10-EDI is a transparent Internet VAN: a facility and methodology having all the advantages and conveniences of a traditional store-and-forward VAN, but which lets partners send and receive business documents using the speed, low cost, and global nature of the Internet. When the ubiquitous and "free" Internet is coupled with 10-10-EDI, we can guarantee partner identity and secure delivery of any XML or EDI document. Existing systems, such as EDIINT software, that attempt to provide this functionality force the burden of trading partner and certificate maintenance on each user. 10-10-EDI automates these functions into one easy-to-use application. This is a concept that has been neither recognized nor capitalized upon by any B2B company to date.

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