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No expensive server or client software. As a matter of fact, all the software you need to use Novannet's 10-10-EDISM network is free! And it doesn't matter whether your enterprise is a "Hub" or a "Spoke." To top it off, there are no onerous annual maintenance fees of any sort.

Simple per-interchange fees. No Byzantine pricing structure like that of a traditional VAN. The special fees and charges appearing on your traditional VAN bill will make your head spin: Per kilocharacters sent; Peak/off-peak kilocharacter charges; Per connection to the VAN; Fixed fee per month per interconnect; Per kilocharacter surcharges for interconnects; Monthly minimum fees; Monthly mailbox fees; Mailbox setup fees; Account setup fees; Trading partner setup fees; Interconnect setup fees; Per "document" fees; and on and on...

“If you're going to try to manage yourself [using AS2], a hundred or a thousand point-to-point connections with your trading partners, then you're basically in-sourcing that communication that you were able to outsource with the VAN agreement,” says Ken Vollmer.

“If I was an EDI manager, nobody would ever talk me into bringing that responsibility in house. It just doesn't make sense.

EDI is Dead! Long Live EDI!, by David Drickhamer,

No complicated certificate management. No out-of-band distribution of X.509 digital certificates. Certificates are used to guarantee that you - and your partners - are who you say you are.

You're not held hostage by expensive third-party Certification Authorities. Nor do you undergo the considerable risk of accepting "self-signed" certificates.

We use the open ebXML specifications. The ebXML Messaging service supports both the HTTP and SMTP e-mail Internet transport protocols. We'll automatically select the SMTP e-mail protocol during those times you send transactions to partners who aren't online. Your partner isn't required to operate the 10-10-EDI client 24×7.

Sisyphus, Franz von Stuck, 1920Avoid the Sisyphean labors of incessant trading partner maintenance. There's no manual updating of your trading partner's information, nor is there any need to communicate with her to get technical settings for your B2B exchange. Your partners' profiles, electronic addresses and capabilities are automatically discovered. We use automated setup procedures based on the ebXML CPP (Collaboration-Protocol Profile) - basically, an electronic trading partner profile - which your trading partner has created herself. You don't have to select her transport and security preferences, as we obtain them from the CPP! Your trading partner may have as many unique identifiers as needed (SCAC, D-U-N-S, etc.), and you may identify her by any of these - and all without trading partner maintenance! The burdensome maintenance of trading partner information has been one of the most significant hindrances to the widespread deployment of EDI over the Internet.

No complicated security set-up. We pick the most capable common denominator of symmetric key encryption algorithms between you and your trading partner, automatically, based on the intersection of your respective ebXML CPPs.

No static IP address is required. You can use DSL and dial-up dynamic IP addresses with the 10-10-EDI network.

No complicated scheduling or polling. Our intermediary 24×7 servers know when each trading partner is available and ready to accept messages and business documents.

Complete Visibility and Control. Foolproof acknowledgment system based on ebXML - rather than primitive EDIINT message disposition notifications (MDNs). No manual re-sending of documents for which an acknowledgment has not been received - ebXML provides for automatic re-sending. What little maintenance and administration there is can be done using any standard browser. And you always have a complete view of your exchange status with your trading partner.

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