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It was recognized early on that there were significant barriers to the wide-scale implementation of e-commerce. Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies have long enjoyed the resources to successfully implement EDI and XML to achieve supply chain automation. Their smaller suppliers are brought along, sometimes unwillingly, to engage in e-commerce - but the benefits attending automation can sometimes be wiped out by the great expense of EDI Translators and VANs.

Novannet has taken upon itself to solve some of the problems small to medium enterprises (SMEs) encounter when they attempt to electronically collaborate with their larger supply chain partners - and with each other.

Our first service, 10-10-EDISM, was developed in response to the need for a simple and cost-effective means of sending and receiving electronic business messages, whether EDI or XML, to and from your trading partners. Simple because you shouldn't have to become a network expert to implement EDI. And Cost-effective because you needn't pay huge fees to VANs merely so you can exchange messages with your trading partners when all of you already have access to the big, free, open Internet! Nor should you have to plunk down tens of thousands of dollars to buy expensive messaging software such as a traditional EDIINT solution. Moving EDI around should be as simple - and inexpensive - as exchanging e-mail or making a phone call.

Taking a cue from IBM's new strategy of On-Demand Computing, we devised 10-10-EDI to be a pay-as-you-go service, much like a utility. You don't buy a 747 or train as a pilot to travel to Seattle - you buy a ticket and "rent" a seat on plane. You don't buy a power plant - you "rent" electricity and pay by the kilowatt-hour. So why should you have to buy expensive EDIINT software and become a network expert merely to send and receive EDI over the Internet? Thus 10-10-EDI was born. 10-10-EDI not only bypasses the expensive VAN, but it also saves you the great trouble and expense of implementing EDIINT software.

The service name, 10-10-EDI, was inspired by the names used by 10-10 Dial Around telephone plans in the U.S. and Canada which allow you to bypass your default or standard long distance company.

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