Novannet, LLC LogoThe 10-10-EDISM of B2B Transport


ThroughputThe Multi-Threaded architecture of the 10-10-EDISM client handles dozens of transmissions simultaneously.
AccelerationLow-latency direct and immediate point-to-point exchange of messages over HTTP between you and your trading partner, ideal for real-time and interactive EDI.
ScalabilityOne trading partner or a thousand, 10-10-EDI is robustly scalable, allowing you to collaborate with your largest and smallest trading partners.
StandardsPayloads of any standard type (EDI X12, UN/EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet and more) transmitted peer-to-peer using ebXML Messaging Services 2.0 over HTTP and SMTP/POP3 (e-mail). SOAP messaging used with the Novannet servers.
ExtensibilityIntegration options include directory listening, an application programming interface (API) and message queuing support.
ReliabilityReliable messaging guarantees message delivery and acknowledgement, including persistent retry and "once-and-only-once" delivery.
AvailabilityNovannet's redundant 24×7 servers monitor the 10-10-EDI Network. PPP dial-in store-and-forward mailboxing available in case Internet access is interrupted.
SecurityThe CommerceTrustSM system guarantees authentication of trading partners on the 10-10-EDI network. In addition, X.509 PKI certificates from all major certification authorities are accepted. Certificate revocation is automatic and real-time.
IntegritySigned hashes ensure the data received is what your partner sent, ensuring that no data tampering has occurred.
EncryptionStrong message encryption of payloads using X.509 based public key cryptography.
AuthenticationAssurance that the sender and receiver are who they say they are using an X.509 PKI.
CompressionOptional payload compression for faster transmission.
Platform PortabilityThe 10-10-EDI client runs on any operating system supporting the Java 1.4 VM, including Linux, Windows 98,Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and XP, SUN Solaris, Mac OS X and z/OS.
AuditabilityComplete event-tracking, including audit trails, logging, and e-mail alerts.
ConfigurabilityWeb-based interface allows you to configure simple or complex business processing and routing rules.
VisibilityActivity monitoring and transaction tracking. Detailed information from EDI and XML business messages is visible for monitoring transaction lifecycles.
EconomyNo software license fees or annual maintenance charges. Modest per-interchange fees.
SupportFully automated facilities augmented by 24×7 telephone, e-mail, bulletin board and instant messaging support.
Rapid DeploymentAutomated and secure software provisioning for the 10-10-EDI client.
MaintainabilityYou only maintain your own trading partner profile. 10-10-EDI knows your trading partners' configurations, and instantly makes their changes available to you. You are relieved from interminable trading partner maintenance.
ConnectivityIncludes VAN Interconnect. 10-10-EDI is interoperable with any other conformant ebXML MS solution.

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