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Novannet, LLC, is privately held and incorporated in Delaware, with our main offices in Columbus, Ohio.

As an entrepreneurial start-up, we are long on enthusiasm and technical talent. But bringing a technologically superior service offering to market requires us to take the next step and obtain venture capital. Novannet welcomes inquiries from the qualified investment community.

So what does Novannet know that the others don't? What makes us a worthwhile investment?

Hasn't all the capital that's going to flow towards B2B Connectivity solutions already gone towards the traditional EDIINT software vendors, like Cyclone Commerce, bTrade, Group 8760, and iSoft? Almost a hundred million dollars in U.S. venture capital has chased these and similar companies in the last four years. This would lead the wise to believe EDIINT software is becoming an over-crowded marketspace. A new entrant should be especially wary of stepping into this pool with so many able competitors, unless it comes prepared with a better solution to the problem we're all trying to solve: B2B connectivity.

Panning for GoldBut surely all that money invested in EDIINT hasn't gone into software and standards development, as software development could not have consumed but a tiny fraction. No, instead, those millions were used to fuel marketing and sales campaigns, gaining wide market acceptance and “traction” for point-to-point B2B connectivity solutions. This acceptance benefits Novannet immensely because the market has now been educated about the safety and efficacy of Internet messaging.

There is the danger EDIINT is headed for the “Trough of Disillusionment” in the hype cycle. We're already starting to see the fallout, with Sterling Commerce's recent abandonment its IDX EDIINT offering, and Inovis' acquisition of IPNet Solutions. There is a limit to the number of traditional software packages that can be sold into this saturated market. EDIINT can serve as a replacement for VANs, but it does little to expand the overall demand for Transaction Delivery Networks, especially among the ill-served SMEs.

The VANs have been assailed for years now by entities seeking to “commoditize” their service. Supposedly, those customers who are the most price-sensitive have long since abandoned the expensive VANs for cut-rate “Internet” VANs, or have bought EDIINT products to perform their own point-to-point management of B2B transactions. Simply put, the low-hanging fruit has been picked and those who remain are much more “sticky” - apparently they don't mind paying for their customer service, special reports, etc. that are the hallmark of a Value-Added Network. So in many cases, saving VAN costs is not a sufficient inducement to leave the VAN. We have reached stasis in the B2B connectivity marketspace, but neither VANs nor EDIINT software have made it any easier for the vast majority of enterprises to participate in e-business.

Novannet offers true innovation, in that we have built a hybrid of the Value-Added Network and EDIINT, taking the best each has to offer. Our 10-10-EDISM service simulates most of the valuable services of a VAN, but at a much reduced cost. And we facilitate the movement of trading partners' data point-to-point, just like EDIINT software - but without onerous trading partner maintenance.

Of course, the traditional EDIINT vendors might be capable of technically replicating our service. But it's doubtful their business model will permit them to do so. They need to bag elephants one at a time, selling packages to major hubs, who in turn bring their suppliers on board. EDIINT vendors are loaded down with much the same baggage as any software company - because they are software companies! It's doubtful that they could switch their business model to the pay-as-you-go model that underlies VAN pricing, because that's not in the nature of software companies.

Novannet is a service company, like a Value-Added Network. But unlike a VAN - even an "Internet" VAN - Novannet uses innovative technology to almost completely supplant the VAN's expensive infrastructure and staff while providing better Value-Add. And like an EDIINT software vendor, we rely on the ubiquitous Internet to make our technology work. But unlike traditional EDIINT packages, 10-10-EDI is not merely a software product, sold like software.

10-10-EDI is a novel combination of the VAN and software - a true Transaction Delivery Network providing the universal Digital Dial Tone for e-business.

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