Novannet, LLC LogoThe 10-10-EDISM of B2B Transport


Let's start with our company name. Nova simply means new. Novannet got its name because our mission was to create a new kind of e-business network. So it was only appropriate that we incorporate something into our logo which expresses newness and excitement bursting upon the scene seemingly out of nowhere. Ordinary and overused swooshes and swirls, so popular among the B2B crowd, just didn't seem to do anything for us.

1963 Chevy NovaNova. Nova? Hmm. We tried the Chevy Nova as a logo, but it had a few problems. General Motors would frown on our purloining that American icon. And precisely because the Chevy Nova is an American icon, it might not travel too well internationally. No, there just had to be something better...

So we came up with that blotchy thing in the logo as the “o” in “Novannet”, which is a rendition of an exploding supernova. In this case, it's inspired by Supernova 1987A, located in the Large Magellenic Cloud. The star exploded with a force of something like 1028 (or 10 octillion) megatons of TNT. That's 1 followed by 28 zeroes. It was discovered in 1987 - the first time in 400 years that we've witnessed a supernova explosion. Supernova explosions are nature's way of creating and dispersing the heavier atomic elements which make life possible. You just don't want to be anywhere nearby when one goes off.

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