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Our vision of a secure, reliable e-business service for smaller companies and organizations is described in Why use ebXML Messaging? Let me count the ways ... at ebXML Forum (12 October 2003).

Novannet participates in many EDI and e-commerce initiatives. For example, we are assisting the WEDI/SNIP Identification and Routing Special Interest Group in applying the ebXML CPP and Registry to Healthcare EDI. We envision distributed directories solving the persistent problem of tracking down trading partners. The ebXML Registry and CPP will be the enablers of frictionless e-commerce. And Novannet will supply the digital dial tone.

Evaluating Messaging Solutions? Today's medium to large enterprises face a bewildering array of interchange format and mechanism choices. The OASIS/CEFACT Joint Marketing Team has developed a new white paper, e-Business Messaging Interchange Assessment  (PDF: 111k), to provide a definitive set of evaluation criteria and metrics that will identify the optimum choices for a given set of business needs and provide the basis for creating return-on-investment calculations for your business.

Now that we are all speaking the same language... Can you hear me?

The Tower of Babel, Gustav Doré The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) contains provisions designed to reduce health care administrative costs. HIPAA mandates that all payers and providers be able to exchange electronic administrative messages including claims, authorizations, eligibility verification, etc. in a common format. This is a huge leap over today's Tower of Babel mode where every organization sets their own data rules. Even with standardized messages, the healthcare industry will not be able to exchange data smoothly unless both data communication and encryption standards are set and followed. Fortunately, healthcare does not need to create a new standard; AS1 already exists and is becoming increasingly popular in corporate America.

Standardizing Communication and Encryption in the HIPAA Environment  (PDF: 191k), by Daniel I Kazzaz, Rapid Data Integration, LLC.

After listening to all the lip-flapping over XML, do you still wonder if there's any life left in that old EDI? Read an article by our president, William J. Kammerer, written at the height of the B2B boom right before the bust. It's entitled Is There Still Life Left in That Old EDI?  (PDF: 215k) naturally, and is from the February 2000 issue of the CompTIA Computing Channels magazine.

Need an answer to some nagging little X12 or EDIFACT problem? If so, check out the great F.A.Q. over at Digital Movers. It doesn't hurt to know that our president, William J. Kammerer, wrote all the answers. He's one smart guy.

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