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This is the privacy policy of Novannet, LLC.

Novannet is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of our customers who use the 10-10-EDISM network and the CommerceTrustSM digital trust service. Our service privacy features are described separately.

A website visitor who uses any of our network or trust services must first register. During the registration process, we discuss in detail the information to be collected and how it will be used for the efficient and secure management of the 10-10-EDI network.

This informational website does not use cookies. But the secure web pages offered by the 10-10-EDI and CommerceTrust services do use cookies. Full details of their usage are described at registration.

Novannet does not ask casual visitors any information, or require the completion of forms. No Registration of any kind is needed for accessing the various public resources or white papers we maintain at this site.

If you have questions regarding our Website privacy policy, write to the privacy administrator at

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