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So why is it that we're such big fans of ebXML? Why are we using ebXML Messaging Services as the infrastructure for our 10-10-EDISM network - rather than EDIINT or FTP?

By design, ebMS is Internet-friendly, has the reliability and security features that enterprise users require, is suited for XML and non-XML business payloads, and-most importantly-is getting endorsements from major industry associations such as GCI, RosettaNet, ATA, AIAG, and many more. It is clearly the emerging standard for e-business messaging exchanges.

Simply put, we believe that the open standards framework provided by ebXML will predominate within a few years' time. And we want to go with the winner, of course. Besides, Novannet has been an active partner in the development of these open vendor-neutral standards.

Our 10-10-EDI network might have been built using the EDIINT AS1 and AS2 standards for peer-to-peer transport with a bit of finagling and some compromises. But we plan to offer much more than B2B transport services. The ebXML framework includes standards-based solutions for not only transport and messaging, but also Registry Services, Collaboration Profiles, Business Process choreography and Business Messaging Core Components - all in one integrated set of specifications.

Though currently 10-10-EDI uses ebXML messaging mostly for the efficient, secure and reliable transport of traditional EDI interchanges and XML business messages, we need to use a technology that serves our needs today and tomorrow. We can't afford to be locked into a legacy solution for transport when we roll out our other ebXML products and services.

As a practical matter, even the largest companies cannot afford to do everything themselves. They have to concentrate on their core-competencies. And that is even more true for dynamic new start-ups like Novannet. We felt that in order to provide the best all-around solution to simulate the services and simplicity of a VAN with the cost-effectiveness of EDI over the Internet, we would have to rely on partners and suppliers for some of the most technical components of the 10-10-EDI network.

The disadvantage of [traditional EDIINT AS2] direct-connect technology is that all participants in a network need to buy and manage software, which can be a less cost-effective approach than the network service model.

Frankly, legacy solutions like EDINT AS2 are still sold as though we were in the Middle-Ages of software pricing. There's no way Novannet would be able to pass incredible savings onto its customers if we teamed with traditional EDIINT AS2 software suppliers intent on charging for product based on the number of trading partners! The mindset of the ebXML developers, incubated in the era of open source and Linux, is much more amenable to our simplified revenue model which is not dependent on elephantine software license fees and onerous annual maintenance charges. Our careful selection of ebXML solution partners allows us to supply the 10-10-EDI client software to you at no charge - all the while keeping our transaction fees low and predictable, resulting in immediate ROI.

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